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"The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

Prov. 12:10

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Picture to left is peach who was just dumped. She is looking for her owners to come back. . 

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P.A.W.S. is a non- profit, incorporated May 13, 2011. Tax ID #27-0289157. Krystle woodward is our Founder President. her husband allen woodward helps run paws as her vice president. they share a passion in saving lives. krystle started saving lives in February 2006. PAWS currently has 35 dogs in their care.  our current focus is improving the quality of life. We have been getting down in numbers due to limited help. we are rebuilding our foundation. check our our youtube channel and video showing a walk thru on why we need your help. 

Before PAWS all City of Fowler dogs were euthanized. The City of Fowler is a separate entity from PAWS. The PAWS President works full time in her career as an accountant and volunteers 40 hours a week running PAWS. After she became aware that ALL Fowler dogs were murdered with no chance, she took charge and started volunteering her time and money to save lives. She purchased 2.5 acres for the sanctuary. It is not open to the public. PAWS is a NO KILL rescue and operates off donations. PAWS does NOT tolerate breed discrimination. 90% of PAWS dogs are pit bull mixes and chihuahua mixes. PAWS has saved thousands of dogs over the years. currently 20 dogs and 10 cats reside at paws with krystle. Paws goes through 55 lbs. of dog food. daily. it is the biggest expense.
Volunteers are always needed at the sanctuary and during adoption events every weekend. The welfare of the animals is always put first.

Watch the rescue of Bob Marley.