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statistics - our story

We are focused on re-organization and we need your help. So we haven't been taking in many animals. Our goal is to have one volunteer per every two dogs. Every year we have been transferring our animals out of state. They have been transferred to rescues with resources. We don't have the volunteers and funding we need. Slowly, but surely we will get there. We are starting to build "Pinky's Palaces". Our first building will be for Quarantine/Urgent care. They will be indoor/outdoor palaces. We are in great need of volunteers and foster homes to save more animals. HELP US HELP THEM! 

2016 Stats

* We have been no-kill since we started rescue in 2006
* Our "Save Rate" has continued to be 100%
according to :
* We took in 8 dogs this year
* 6 dogs were adopted out to loving homes
* 47 dogs were transferred to out of state rescues with resources. Dogs we've had many years were adopted within a week
* We had one foster home for the year
* Including our founder Krystle and her husband Allen we had a total of 11 volunteers. Krystle and Allen volunteer 40 hours every week. 5 volunteers come every week. The other 4 come out once in a while.